Regarding Pingmar Fraud accusations

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Our company is registered in Hong Kong and operates in the VoIP termination business with many big, mid and small sized companies. Unfortunately for us this industry has a big challenge: When two companies disagree on the billing of one particular termination a dispute of charges arises. This disputes of charges are rather common and even though there are standard procedures to resolve them sometimes the disagreements escalate and may reach an argumentum ad hominem level depending on the professionalism of the parties involved.

In early 2014 Pingmar faced one such case with a Lebanon company called G5, we had a dispute of charges, we couldn’t agree on the terms of the dispute and they started a bad PR campaign to press us to cede to their demands.

Basically we believe that G5 owe us money, they believe that Pingmar owes them money and we have a standard procedure to solve this kind of situation in a transparent way when things escalate so far (use an arbiter court in Hong Kong, it is written in the agreements that we usually sign with partners) but they out of the heat of the discussion deviated from the procedure and involved a third party (TDCCIA, an alleged debt collection company) to try and force us to pay their alleged charges.

Now TDCCIA business model is simple: It’s a guy that threatens VoIP businesses with accusations of fraud in his blog unless said companies pay the charges demanded by other party without regard of the reality or context. If the company pays he doesn’t do his negative PR campaign and if the company doesn’t pay he engages into defamation against his target until by force of blackmail the company pays and then TDCCIA gets a cut of the payment.

If TDCCIA’s targets where actual frauds, meaning fake companies created by hackers to defraud real businesses, and if the owner did his “denounces” out of altruism you could say that it is a legitimate cause but we are not a fake company (we can show all the legal documentation to any party to prove it if it is require) and TDCCIA does this out of profit so this is basically blackmailing from a guy in India or Pakistan we are not really sure where is he.

Recently TDCCIA has gone as far as to accuse Pingmar of drug dealing, money laundering, smuggling, sedition and gambling among other false allegations. If such accusations were true, the staff from Pingmar that attends ITW could have not arrived to the USA without being arrested by the DEA, let alone attend the conference several times in recent years. This is just a proof of the limits that TDCCIA is willing to push to unlawfully coerce Pingmar into paying money instead of recurring to the legal instances and follow a due arbitration process.

That is the context of the statements that you may have heard or read about us, we are deeply sorry to see that G5/TDCCIA questionable behavior has drawn you into something that should not have anything to do with you at all but we haven’t found yet a way to stop it that doesn’t imply ceding to their blackmailing.

On the bright side their accusations seem to draw too little attention and even when read or heard they lack credibility due to their bad design, weird manner of expression and bad grammar so most people don’t take them seriously, that is the average opinion as far as we have heard, most of our business partners have seen the bad publicity and few of them have had any concern at all. We remain a reputable business in our market and our goodwill outshines this unfortunate event.

If you ever receive a formal complaint for doing business with us it would most likely come from G5 (the company that holds a dispute with us) or TDCCIA (their questionable collecting partner), the rest of the companies that deal with Pingmar have nothing but good references regarding our business with them, we can provide company names, telephone numbers and email addresses for reference if you wish to verify for yourself.

All in all sorry for the long story but this situation deserves a deep explanation, we did our best to present it in the most objective way possible and we hope that it helps you make a fair decision regarding the possibility of doing business with us.


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