Official announcement: Be careful with impostors

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Hong Kong Pingmar Technology Company


Dear partners


Recently we have discovered that some unethical people have tried to scam other companies by impersonating us which is a really serious offence. So in order to protect the integrity of any honest business working in the telecommunications industry as well as our own goodwill Pingmar officially announces that it will take legal action against any impersonation, fake representation or unauthorized use of our brand, logo and company name.

In order to distinguish our company from any impostor please pay attention to the following recommendations:


  • Our official company name is Hong Kong Pingmar Technology Co. Ltd. any variation from that name in vouchers, contracts or other legally biding documents should be┬áverified with a Pingmar’s official account manager.
  • Our employees’ account addresses always contain our domain as in the following examples:, or, any similar email IDs like or are fake addresses from impostors and you should be very aware of them, if you ever receive an email from such addresses claiming to be from Pingmar please do not reply and report them to us forwarding the fake emails to or to your account manager.
  • Pingmar official rates and financial notifications come from and
  • Our official website is (we also handle for a different business unit).
  • Our official account manager Skype accounts can be checked in this link.
  • Our origination and termination IP is


Please report to us any suspicious activity of the use of our company name.


Thank you for your attention.

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