How to make your own Business with a VoIP termination?

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There’s nothing like being your own boss but gaining economic independence takes some work and investment. If you’re interested into making your own VoIP termination business here you will find a guide to help you get started.

This kind of business has some pros and cons so here’s the quick brief on why would you want to do it/avoid it.


  1. It’s simple & easy: All you need is the right equipment, a low-cost carrier and someone to send you the calling traffic and you can even work from your house.
  2. It’s profitable: You can make good money depending on your country if you focus on it as your main activity or it can be just a source of additional income if you want to use your time for other kind of work/business, regardless the level of involvement


  1. The initial upfront investment: It varies but usually is something between 300 and 600 dollars depending on your country and settings, you may need to use part of your savings, access to credit or someone to lend you the money (you can pay back with your first earnings).
  2. The possibility of fraud risk: If you do this business with the wrong people you will lose money so it requires that you find a reliable and professional business ally/partner to send you the traffic.

Regardless of those facts in the end is up to you and to how do you do it, if you are patient and do take the right steps everything will go well, if you rush into things with a careless attitude you may face some trouble.

Anyway, before you go ahead you should be familiarized with the concept of VoIP termination, if you don’t know what it is here we have an article summing up how the VoIP business traffic works. If you already know about it then let’s get started.

To start your own termination first you need 2 basic things:

  1. A good internet connection
  2. A VoIP Gateway

If you’re reading this you probably have the first one covered, as for the gateway there are several manufacturers. You can Google them or you can buy one directly from Pingmar.

What kind of gateway do you need for this? well it’s a tricky question, we know 2 main kinds of gateways: GSM gateways and fixed line gateways. This article covers how to make a business with GSM gateways.


A GSM gateway can hold a few or several sim cards to switch the incoming international calls into the GSM network. The amounts of channels (sim cards) that a gateway posses is very important because the more channels you have the more traffic you can handle and therefore the more money you can make but the gateways with more channels tend to cost more money so depending on your initial budget you should evaluate what is affordable for you and what is not.

If you are short of money may want to begin with something small like 4 or 8 channels and the basic home internet connection but if you have enough budget then you can buy several gateways to sum up channels (eg: 4 gateways of 16 channels = 64 channels in total) with a business class internet connection, it all depends on your conditions.

Once you have your initial setting ready (connection and gateway) you need to find a telecom carrier in your country that offers the best price for local calls. Depending on the country you can get a prepaid or postpaid plan and you can even get business plans with lower cost per minute, the key here is to get the lowest cost available and to make sure that this cost is below the average price of termination in your country. you can check that price in any A-Z list (check the carrier, not just the country!), it is important because your price – your cost will be your profit, the thing that will pay the bills and give you independence.

This profit and cost is usually measured in fractions of cents but don’t worry, it’s all about high volume. If you can keep the traffic flowing all the time all the month you will get to see a decent profit and remember: the more channels you have the more profit you will make (and remember to pay the internet bill!).

Since it falls down to your traffic, the third element that you need to make this business happen is a good partner to find the traffic for you, there are several players in the market but you must be careful, sometimes some people commit fraud (they send the traffic and don’t pay the bill!) so as we said in the beginning of this article: It is vital that you find someone trustworthy and professional.

So, once you have a source of traffic, an internet connection and a gateway loaded with sims all you need is to let the traffic flow and the money will come.

if you decide to set up your own termination business and you need GSM gateways or need a source for traffic we will be glad to supply both and to help you with the general questions, just reach for us by sending an email to

or contact our hardware and IDC representative via Skype:

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