Happy New Year!

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Dear reader

Today is the beginning of a new year for all of us. 2014 was a very exciting period for us, we renewed our brand and website, attended ITW, ACC & GCCM and established many new relations with established VoIP companies just to name a few special things.

We know that for you as well was a very active year and that behind every achievement there was a lot of effort, we congratulate all of our partners (and soon-to-be-partners too!) for all of their successes and thank them for their support and excellent relations.

Now 2015 lies ahead of us with big challenges and big hopes too we have a good deal of things planed for this year and we know that many companies in the VoIP industry will be delighted by our new upcoming products, we have worked hard to develop them in order help established VoIP businesses grow and prosper but also we will launch a new line to support new people joining the VoIP community and starting their own company.

In a world with economic pressures nothing brings more stability than becoming financially independent, so as part of our 2015 efforts we will reach as many people as we can to help them to create their own VoIP business.

Now with our purpose stated we really want to wish to everyone a very happy and prosperous new year full of personal (and financial) growth.

And remember: Ships are safe in the dock but that is not what ships were built for, sail away dear friends!

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