A visit from Sun Yat Sen University

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Recently we received a very pleasant visit in our Guangdong installations. Ostick (See right picture), an MD in anthropology student from the prestigious Sun Yat Sen University came to pingmar for a few days to do some research involving our foreign trainee.


We felt curious about what she may think about us as an outsider researcher so we did a short interview, here you can find her thoughts about  us:

Pingmar: Why did you come to pingmar?

Ostick Yang 杨旸: I am quite curious about what kind of company want to hire a foreign working with them.

Pingmar: You study anthropology right? What is your research about?

Ostick Yang 杨旸: Yep,That’s a good question. I hope to do research about the practice and experience of transnational AIESEC trainees in Guangdong.

Pingmar: I see, and what do you think about Pingmar so far?

Ostick Yang 杨旸: It is a young enterprise, but their manager has an ambition to achieve an  leap-forward development and their colleagues have an average ability to learn things fast. Pingmar will have a golden prospect.

Pingmar: That’s a great thing to hear, why do you think that?

Ostick Yang 杨旸: You know, human resources is extremely important in every enterprise, especially for the new-starts (sic). In Pingmar, I see the company always hold trainings and they give the awards and other inspirations  to their employees quite often. I think it is the sign of valuing their employees.

Pingmar: And what about the people? what is your opinion regarding the employees themselves?

Ostick Yang 杨旸: People here are quite friendly. And as far as I know, people who are working for this company are kind of loving to take the challenge and develop themselves from this job.

Pingmar: one final question: we know you love your career but, hypothetically speaking, supposing you liked sales and technology would you like to work here?

Ostick Yang 杨旸: I don’t mind to work in a new-start. If my job is sales, I would choose an industry that I am more familiar with. If my job is technology, I think I will find  a company fits my interest better. So you will see, for me,the key problem is I didn’t have a deep understanding of this industry till now. In all, I will choose a company which seems have great potential and fits my character well.

Pingmar: I see well that it is all we need, than you Ostick for your time

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