4 reasons why you should attend ITW

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Pingmar ITW


For everyone working in the Telecommunications industry it is not a secret that ITW is the most important event of the year hands down. But why should you or your company invest the time and money to attend it?

Plane tickets, hotel accommodation, ITW registration, are expenses that you need to justify to your Human Resources or Finance departments, this is not a guide on how to convince them but here are 4 good arguments supporting why you should go to Chicago.


Business & Networking


Telecommunications are all about networks but networks are not just towers, servers and cables. Networks are people too, people who make decisions about technology, policies and interconnections. Companies like Nokia or Huawei help build physical networks with their products and services but ITW helps build people networks with its exhibitions, speakers and common spaces.


Also to close big deals companies need to trust each other beyond paper and signature, this trust is build upon human to human relations and face to face meetings help to develop these bonds thus aiding businesses so the conclusion is simple: by attending ITW you get the chance to improve business relations and therefore meet a greater mutual benefit.


Expand Your Knowledge


Do we have to say what speakers are for?

  • Improving your general knowledge of the industry
  • Learn what is the start of the art in strategy and technology
  • Identify the latest market trends
  • Inspire your with new ideas for your company

And the list goes on…

In this kind of event people get the opportunity to develop themselves


Career / Recruitment Opportunities


Companies of every size are here and some of them are looking for people like you to join them (hint: we are hiring!), if you have valuable experience and you don’t attend this conference you may be missing career opportunities and we don’t just mean job offers: attending ITW is a shiny badge to put in your CV for the future, it may not be a PhD but it is definitely more than a tie breaker when an HR consultant in a telecom company is choosing between you and somebody else.


Now for your business the other side of the coin applies, you could be adding names to your prospect recruit database and promoting your company as a good place to work. Finding competitive employees may be hard, finding competitive employees with specific industry experience is even harder and the place to find them is ITW.


Return on Investment


This is more of a consequence deriving from the 2 first reasons but in our experience employees who attend ITW bring more business because they feel more empowered and the trust developed with our business partners allow us to do new deals for a bigger profit. It’s not easy to measure the total ROI of this event but in our experience it works and it’s worth it, that is why this year like the last few years we will be attending again.


All in all you should give it a shot, and by the way if you go to ITW look for us, we are at the gold level in the east tower, we have tables G441 & G442.

We got candy (seriously we do!) and business to do with you off course.

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  1. Mr. Manindra Raj Malla

    My company is based in New York, USA and Singapore. Recently my company is working on MVNO project inside SouthAsia; we just finished our contract and texting the plant in Nepal and we succeed too.
    So, I hope if the company like PINGMAR’ want to joint hand in networking between MNO and MVNO, we shall collaborate our future project together.
    Hope to see your reply shortly.
    Thank you

    Best Regards,
    Mr.Manindra Raj Malla
    M/S. Namaste Global Comm USA.LLc

    • Dear Mr.Manindra Raj Malla

      Thank you for commenting, an account manager will contact you shortly to discuss business.



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